Q & A

What's so special about the Simply Series?
Some special features of the Simply Series are: No Lesson Planning *No Teacher Directions to Study * Very User Friendly * No Lengthy Manuals or Resources * Proven Methods that Work Easily & Quickly * Use as a Complete Curriculum or supplement for public school students * Available as a PDF for printing at your convenience -- no heavy books to carry when you are traveling.   SLB focuses on the simplicity of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic with the ease of teaching our children to learn to think independently and work on their own without being strictly teacher directed. Independence and self-study are not taught in the public schools, or with pre-packaged home school curriculums. Too much teacher planning and an over abundance of busy work leaves our children bored and the parents burned-out. 

Would I be able to slot into SLA 3, from SE A?
Yes, you will immediately be able to move into SLA 3-A from SE A. You will not need Simply Spelling if you purchase SLA books. They are all inclusive. Simply Poetry is being discontinued because I am including Poetry in SLA. That is the reason for separating the years into part A and part B. They are all inclusive and I did not want the books to be overwhelming in size. Yes, copywork is included. Cursive writing is not. I recommend Beautiful Cursive Writing for Life by LFBC. www.landmarkbaptistchurch.org 

What types of selections are used for Simply Spelling?
Here is a sample of some of the material used: 3rd grade -- Short verses, AESOP Fables 4th grade -- "America", AESOP, short verses prose, Scripture, poetry 5th grade -- Short verses, sayings of Benjamin Franklin, AESOP 6th grade -- Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, John Ruskin, The Star-Spangled Banner, Daniel Webster, The Village Blacksmith, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, AESOP, Robert Browning, Theodore Roosevelt, "Paul Revere's Ride", Washington Irving 7th grade -- Ruskin, Roosevelt, Irving, Dickens, Bacon, Mann, Goodrich, Carlyle, Robert L. Stevenson... I can not possibly list all that is included but I have tried to choose the best material for each grade level. 

Is the shipping really FREE? and How can I avoid shipping charges?
THERE ARE NO MORE SHIPPING CHARGES BECAUSE THESE BOOKS ARE ONLY PDF FORMAT -- Printing and Shipping costs are continuing to rise and most people have printers at home to print out the material they need for the week or as needed -- even daily, as each family is different.   It is not necessary to print the complete book at one time,  unless you wish to do so.


Does Simply Spelling include dictionary skills and if so, at what grade? How many lessons are in grade 3? Is there a listing of rules? If there is scripture dictation, is it from the New or Old Testament (we are a Jewish family) ? 
Dictionary skills are introduced in Grade 4 of Simply Spelling. Yes there are a listing of the following rules at the back of the book: Phonetic Sounds, Derivatives, Plurals, Double Letters. Also included are "Quick Tips" and "Dividing Words". There are 36 lessons in Grade 3. Some of the lessons include: Homonyms, Diphthongs, Syllables, the spelling rules, dividing words, rhyming words, compound words, alphabetical order and spelling contractions. Scripture dictation is included. Most are from the OT in the book of Psalms. There are a couple of Bible stories - one from the Book of Daniel. However, it does include "The Lord's Prayer" found in the Book of Matthew. Other literature includes AEsop's Fables and selected Poetry. 

Why are some of the Language Arts Books in A and B format and others are not?
Grades 3 and 4 are books which include large print and large illustrations for the young learners. The books also include word scrabbles, crossword puzzles and word searches of vocabulary words. Each puzzle is on a separate page to ensure the puzzles are large enough for young writers and as not to crowd. Each lesson has a daily check list. The books are divided also to give the student a sense of accomplishment BEFORE the end of the year.  This also applies to Simply Phonics 1,2, & 3 -- this helps build confidence when they are able to FINISH a book and it not take all year.